Rules for using the game account

  • The administration's vision of the provisions of the game is the only true one and is not subject to discussion. It is forbidden to argue with the administration.
  • Hiding game bugs from server administrators or intentionally using them for any purpose is prohibited.
    Both server bugs and client bugs fall under this rule. If you doubt that some feature of the game is a bug, then first ask the administration representative.
    - Minimum sentence: indefinitely.
  • Overt or covert advertising is prohibited.
    This rule does not include in-game advertising, i.e. advertising of guilds, goods, etc. But the mention of another server can fall under this item, so you should not do it without special need.
    - Minimum sentence: 7 days, server advertising - indefinitely.
  • RMT trading is legal on the server. You can freely exchange game values and characters for real money, and vice versa. Trading for real money is only allowed through the FunPay platform. If you become a victim of fraud when trading outside of FunPay, the administration is not responsible for this and provides no assistance.
    Link to FunPay
    This rule is in test mode and can be changed in the future.
  • It is forbidden to use and / or distribute third-party programs that automate the gameplay and other interference with the game mechanics.
    Bots, macros, exploits, client modification - everything falls into this category. But the use of programs for homunculi within the framework provided by the official client is not.
    - Minimum sentence: indefinitely.
  • It is forbidden to beat without prior agreement a monster that is already being beaten by another character (kill-steal).
    “Hitting at the moment” means that you have applied a skill or attack on him in the last few seconds. Attacking mobs from a "locomotive" is usually not a kill-steal, although it should not be abused. MVPs, monsters summoned from the Dead Branch or defending a neutral castle, do not fall under this item. Minibosses that are less than five (or five) in a location also do not fall under this item.
    - Minimum sentence: 1 day.
  • It is forbidden to cheat and cheat in relation to other players. It is forbidden to impersonate another player or administration representative. Nicknames imitating the nicknames of administration representatives or hinting at belonging to the administrative staff are prohibited.
    - Minimum sentence: 4 days.
  • It is forbidden to abuse the gaming features to interfere with other players and the administration.
    In particular, malicious mobtrain, dropping locomotives on players, spamming skills in crowded places, healing, status imposition and other actions in relation to mobs that are beaten by other players, etc. fall under this item. Prohibited actions in relation to the MVP or the miniboss, provoking his teleportation if he is already beaten by another player or party. On PVP locations (guild dungeons, the territory of the "War for the Imperium", the Arena) there is no punishment for this item. Monsters summoned from Dead Branch or defending a neutral castle do not fall under this item.
    - Minimum sentence: 4 days.
  • Prohibited obscene and disrespectful behavior, insults to the players and the administration. Obscene or obscene nicknames are prohibited.
    - Minimum sentence: 2 days, banned nickname - indefinitely.

Don't try to act like an idiot. The motivation for each violation is almost always obvious, so do not hide behind absurd or illogical explanations. It certainly won't do any good.

Send complaints to Discord in the #complaints channel. A complaint about a violation must be supported by screenshots proving the fact. For non-compliance with these rules, the administration may decide to punish the violator.

It should be noted that although the rules were summarized in these few points, no one has yet canceled the norms of morality. And, if the administration is powerless in this matter, let your conscience punish you.