Server features

Why Lumi?

Lumi is a server with a long history, which has been around for more than 10 years.
We have a large and active community, which is constantly growing.
The server is called "Lumi Ragnarok". "Lumi" is Italian for light. In Lumi we've collected all the lightest things and didn't forget to add some dark ones to make it interesting for you to play.

Rates and levels

Rates - 5/5/3 (base experience - 5x, profession experience - 5x, items dropout - 3x) - the golden mean between the classic 1x-rates and the enormous rates of PvP-servers. Rays are such that you will not get bored in pumping and do not miss anything most interesting that the developers have invested in the game.
The maximum levels are standard - 99 and 70.

Races: Eves and Vampires

Each player can choose a race: to become an Elf, a defender of light and good, or to surrender to the mysterious forces of darkness and turn into a Vampire. Choosing one or the other race gives small changes in stats: DEX +2, INT -1, STR -2, AGI +3 for Elves and STR +3, INT +2, AGI -2, DEX -1 for Vampires. During game night PvP mode is introduced everywhere between representatives of two races.

Day and night

On our server day periodically alternates with night, for every 5 hours of day there is one hour of night. Night time is at 5:00, 11:00, 17:00 and 23:00 Moscow time.

At night increases the experience gained for the monsters in the dungeons (dungeons) by 30%. Also night is the time of war between Elves and Vampires: the server includes all-round PvP between the representatives of these two races.

A double "no" to lags

Dedicated server for the game is based in the data center OVH (France), which provides us a modern protection against DDoS, has a high uptime and a good communication channel with acceptable for the CIS ping, which minimizes the probability of lag.

Does the server have a hitlock?

We returned to the server stoprate as it was in the early Lumi (1-4), this setting allows you to comfortably swing a group in dungeons and hunt MvP different classes.

Bots to ban!

The server is equipped with Gepard Shield anti-cheat, which suppresses attempts to run the game bots. Smart guys who can bypass the anti-bot protection will not go unnoticed and will be caught by GMs.

Events – every day

We try to do original and exciting events on holidays, and just in case you get bored.

New features

On the site will soon appear calculator, online market, detailed GW and BG ratings.
. In addition, the server is available not a few useful game commands like @lgp, @hold, @autoloot - a complete list look in the game through @commands.

What episode is the server?

Pre-renewal 99/70 mechanics are running on the server, all locations are available to visit, corresponding to episode 13.2

Is there a forum?

Lumi forum is now archive, you can find it here – link.
We have active discord community – Join us!